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Sell in Your Currency

Sell Products and Services in your local currency (see list here...) and get paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, XCurrency and BitcoinDark.
Of course you can choose which digital currencies you want to accept.


Zero Paperwork

No registration required, no verification process, no merchant account. Just get your API ID and API Key here...


Low Costs

No setup or monthly fee. No bandwidth or transaction limits. We only charge a small commission (0.5%, see minimum fee here...).
The commission includes the network/transaction fee.


Easy Integration

Include an HTML form with a Pay Now button to submit payment requests to the Gateway. Or use pre-generated links on your website, blog or in emails to accept payments. The API is language independent and can be implemented in plain HTML.

Implement a background process to process IPN callbacks (optional). For example, if you sell digital products (software, e-books, music, videos), you want to be informed when a payment is confirmed to allow the buyer to download the purchased product.

Define two pages on your website: a Thank You page to display to your buyer when the payment was successful, and a Sorry page to which your buyer will be redirected if the payment failed.
These pages are optional. If you don't provide the corresponding URLs in your request form, default pages will be used.


Flexible Checkout

At checkout, the buyer is redirected to the Payment page to select a payment method (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) and transfer the required amount to a temporary, automatically generated address.

The Checkout page is optimized for Mobile and Desktop users, and currently supports English, German, French and Spanish.


Get Paid Immediately

You receive your payment immediately. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, the amount is automatically forwarded to your own address. The commission is automatically deducted from your amount.



After payment, the buyer is redirected to the Thank You page. If for some reason the payment fails or is cancelled, the buyer is redirected to the Sorry page. If so configured, Payment Notifications (IPN) are sent to your website.

If your email address is available, you also receive a Payment Notification message.



Test your setup within the Test environment (Bitcoin and Litecoin Testnets). When you are done, switch to the Production network.
You can switch between the Test and Prod environments by changing a single parameter in your HTML form.



All your request parameters (amount, payment addresses, payment confirmation URL, custom fields, etc.) are fully protected by a digital signature (HMAC-SHA256), making data manipulation impossible.

If you need even more protection, you can use Payment Links to completely hide your request parameters.

Payment notifications (IPN) also include digital signatures to detect data manipulation and fraudulent payment notifications.